Welcome to Wrights Dairy Farm

Northern Rhode Islanders have been enjoying Wright's Dairy Farm products since the year 1900. For generations we have provided very personalized service and an uncompromised quality in dairy and pastry products. We produce and bake everything right on our farm premises and there IS a difference. It's difference that you'll have to "taste" to appreciate.

Come experience a real working dairy farm; we truly believe our dairy products are special, not just because they are fresh and delicious but also because of how we treat our animals. We provide quality feed, a comfortable environment and consistent veterinary care. We DO NOT use synthetic hormones on our cows; we believe the quality care we provide is enough to produce high quality milk in a plentiful supply. We will use Antibiotics ONLY when she has an infection and her life is at stake, and then her milk is kept separate and thrown out until tests show it free of antibiotics.

Visitiors are always welcome to view cows being milked daily at 3:00pm - 5pm.


Our farm is a real working dairy farm that has been servicing the community for over 100 years.

Cows are milked 2 times per day 3am and 3pm. While the cows are out of the barn being milked the farmer cleans their barn, rakes their beds and puts the feed out.

It takes about 2 hours for all 130 cows to be milked; each cow will give about 5 gallons of milk per milking.

The calves require lots of attention too! While the farmer feeds and cleans them she is also monitoring their health and well being.
The retail store opens at 8am chock full of delicious milk and pastries!
The Bakery starts at 4am mixing and baking a variety of muffins, brownies, cookies and real whipped cream pastries.
The Dairy Plant starts at 3am, pasteurizing, homogenizing and bottling all the milk from the cows.
While the farmers are busy outside, inside is bustling with activity too.
Repairs and maintenance to equipment and buildings is endless and needs to be kept up with daily
Field work starts in early spring with fertilizing, plowing, planting and doesn?t end until the harvest in late fall.
We grow about 150 acres of corn each year for cow feed